Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic Manipulation in Cincinnati, OHOsteopathic Manipulation:  embodies a system of evaluation and management based on palpation of range of motion asymmetries, tender trigger points, and, changes in the tissue texture of the involved area.  Once these areas are appreciated, osteopathic manipulation endeavors to reduce spasm and normalize range of motion and musculoskeletal function.  Some of the techniques are very subtle, such as, craniosacral manipulation or fascial release.  Other techniques are more direct and aggressive- similar to chiropractic manipulation- such as, high velocity low amplitude manipulation.  The underlying philosophy is that the body functions as a whole and that structure is thought to govern function.  Improvement in painful conditions can be had through restoration of efficient function.  A core tenant of Osteopathic philosophy is that each patient is unique and that pain is biopsychosocial phenomenon.  Our job is to sort out how these various components of pain impact your life and help you – the patient- regain control of your life.

Rehabilitation physicians, or, physiatrists, embrace these concepts with a sports medicine approach to musculoskeletal pain.  Our clinic is a physical medicine and rehabilitation practice with a sub-specialization in pain medicine.  We are expert in neurologic and musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment, medication management, interventional pain procedures, bracing and exercise prescription.  Most of this is adjunctive.  The reality of most chronic pain- especially spine pain- is that structural imbalances if left untreated allow key structures to become deconditioned, leading to a vicious cycle of pain and debility, as outlined in the diagram below.  Complete pain relief may not be a realistic expectation if the damage is too severe, or, if past treatments, such as, fusions make permanent changes in the structure of your spine. 

Osteopathic Manipulation in Cincinnati, OH

However, very few people have perfect lives without discomfort or stress. Our job is to help you manage the factors effecting your pain and show you how you can become more independent, active and fulfilled.

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